Weight Loss Advice - 2 Ways To Shed The Excess Pounds Fast Naturally

Weight loss is a sought-after goal for millions of fat people in the world. Many people are realising the health risk factors of being obese like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels and diabetes which can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and complications considerably. These diseases can result in death because they can provoke a heart attack or stroke. It has been said again and again that in order to avoid these type of diseases, you need to lose your excess fat. By losing fat, you'll naturally lose the extra weight. Fats notably saturated ones like animal fats can clog your heart arteries and this why living a sedentary life as well won't help at all. Note that you don't necessarily become fat by eating fats. Fat is produced when you eat too many calories than you burn. The excess calories are stored as fat. Protein, carbohydrates and fats all contain calories but the last one contain more. There are two sure-fire ways to shed the excess pounds fast naturally and they aren't very complicated. But for sure, you need to be committed to your goals and you can accelerate them if you want. In one month, you'll see some results guaranteed. Then, you will be motivated and you just have to persevere.

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(1) Be active and exercise

It has been said again and again when fat people go see a doctor that they are being told to exercise and be more active. Well that's indeed true and unfortunately it is. Why I say unfortunately is because it would have been great if we didn't need to suffer physically to improve our health. But have you heard of this saying "No Pain No Gain"? This is what it's all about. Exercising requires physical effort and pain but will always remain a fundamental thing in a person's life. There are numerous benefits in exercising. But if you haven't exercised before, it's better to consult a doctor first. What you need to know about shedding pounds fast is to sweat a lot and burn the excess fat. Cardio exercises like the gym bike, the treadmill(the running gym machine), aerobics and even simple compound movement exercises will help you get rid of the extra fat and weight. Consider also exercising in nature like jogging, swimming, riding a bicycle in the park.

A simple compound exercise like squat for instance is a great exercise which will strengthen your legs, lower back and buttocks. You can make a search on the Internet to know how this exercise is performed. Also, squat will make you perspire a lot if you really concentrate on the movement. Remember, sweating is key to losing the additional pounds. If you're not sweating, you aren't making enough efforts in your workout. You need to get your heart beat increasing. Start with a good squat workout and do as many sets of 10-20 repetitions as you can. When you start to feel the burn of lactic acid increasing, continue with more additional repetitions. This will become unbearable but do it. Start again with another set after a 1 minute pause. When you're accumulating sets after sets, you'll sweat a lot because it's becoming more tiring and tiring and your heart beat in increasing when you go till the last repeat of every set. If you're very fat, try to train everyday for better results and sweat a lot, I mean really really a lot. I need to emphasize on this because this is the key to losing the excess fat fast. Just burn more and more calories and all the excess calories and fat will be gone with time and you'll lose weight guaranteed. If you aren't very fat, you can train 3-4 times per week. This all depends on the individual. Of course, if you exercise regularly, you'll attain your objectives much more faster.

When you become older, the exercising that you've done in your younger age will pay itself because it will strengthen your bones and joints. At an older age, these tend to weaken and you can experience pain. Exercising gives you a better body, builds self-confidence, relieves stress and gives you a better life. It makes you also more disciplined in life. Your body will reward you in the long run both physically and mentally.

(2) Pay proper attention to healthy nutrition

Without a healthy nutrition, you'll definitely be delaying your weight loss goals. If you continue eating junk food, high-calorie and high-fat food with low nutritional value, your progress will be much slower although you're exercising than if you were eating clean food which have a high nutritional value. So start by changing your eating habits. It's not easy but you have to do it if you want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember about your health. Weight loss is not about starving yourself as well because this won't help at all as it will make you hungrier and you'll eat more to satisfy your hunger. You can still lose weight by eating normally and what if I tell you by eating more than normal. Instead of 3 heavy and usual meals per day, you can go for 4-6 meals per day but still losing weight. You'll say "Oh god, I am trying to lose weight and you tell me to eat up to 6 times per day. Well dude, I am going to become more fatter and more obese". WRONG. Don't just look at the number of times you're eating per day. I haven't told you yet that you will be eating only small quantities per meal, healthy foods as well and every 2-3 hours. This is how you can incorporate 4-6 meals per day. If you're out all day, tupperware will be your best friend.

First of all, small quantities per meal means you won't fill in your stomach completely. When you eat too full in a single meal, your body will tend to store more fat since it can't store too many calories in a single sitting. The excess calories will be converted to fat. Secondly, you'll be eating properly, I mean healthy foods of good nutritional value, high-protein, low-calorie and low-fat. Thirdly, eating every 2-3 hours and there is good reason why. Eating like that will make you less inclined to snacking and won't make you crave for food and tempt you to eat everything. One of the other major benefits is to keep your metabolism level high and reduce your insulin levels which will make your body more proned to use the fat as energy and less tendency to store them. Now what you should eat is very important.

For breakfast, why not have some egg whites, some complex carbohydrates like oatmeal mixed with low-fat or skimmed milk and a fruit eg a banana which is good to avoid muscle cramps. I consider breakfast the most important meal of the day because you start your day with energy to help you pursue your activities. So don't skip breakfast. For your other meals mostly lunch and evening, stick to high-protein, limited carbs, high fiber veggies and healthy fats diet eg skinless chicken breast, skinless turkey breast, salmon fillet(the omega-3 fish oil is good to enhance the fat burning process during exercising), tuna, white fish for your protein intake, brown rice, wholemeal bread, potato, yam, sweet potato for carbs, broccoli, green beans as veggies and virgin olive oil as healthy fats. A special tip, eat less carbs at night and stick to protein and veggies. Also drink lots of water at least 1.5-2.0 litres during the day.

Weight loss shouldn't be very hard because if you consider the above 2 factors for losing weight as a lifestyle rather than a chore, then you won't be obsessed and pressured everyday in losing these extra pounds. You will rather consider it as your way of living which is a healthy one and with time, you will progress and without having to weigh yourself constantly on the weight scale. Just take it easy, have a proper attitude, remain positive and get a proper exercise and nutrition routine on the way. You'll be glad you did I guarantee you.

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