Weight Loss Retreats - What You Should Expect To Pay And Is It Worth It?

Weight loss retreats have never been more popular. In the past two or three decades, possibly with the advent of higher standards of living and more disposable income, obesity has become somewhat of a problem amongst many adults as well as children. Because of this, spas - some known as fat camps - have sprung up world-wide. This article will explain what you should expect to pay for such a retreat and whether it's really worth it.

What these retreats offer is a chance to mix with people with the same problem and away from the normal everyday routine. They not only give the visitor a chance to try out many different types of activity they also teach - in a somewhat psychological approach - how to change bad eating habits. They advocate that it is not the diet that needs to change but rather the lifestyle.

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Healthy food is on offer and the visitor is taught how to make the best decision for their bodily needs. Exercise regimes are established and the visitor is taught to make exercise a part of their daily routine.

But these retreats do not come cheap. Because it is necessary to restrict numbers because of the amount of one-on-one counseling and teaching etc., prices are usually a little exorbitant.

Some start at around $3,000 for one week to more than $10,000 for one month!

Whether it is worth it or not can only be answered by the individual but personally I would much rather join a local class and read up on healthy eating on the internet. There are other alternatives readily available for men and women wanting to lose weight that don't cost the earth and aren't as intense.

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