Alli Weight Loss Pill -- It's NOT Worth It!

Really, what is all of the hype about the pricey Alli Weight Loss Pill?

Actually, this drug was manufactered by Glaxo Smith Kline under the Prescription Name of Xenical. The drug came in the form of capsules that were 120 milligams each. Now this once prescription only drug has been re-named, re-packaged and ready to be sold as the over the counter diet pill, Alli. The pill, that you can buy just about every where, has a reduced dosage of 60 milligrams per pill instead of the original 120.

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Don't expect to find any bargains on the price! The average cost of a 30 day supply of Alli is $59.99! But price is not all you could pay when you use this diet pill!

Alli works on the premise that it blocks fat by prohibiting certain natural digestive enzymes in your body from working. Thus, you eliminate the undesired fat into the toilet. In order to avoid the potential side effects of gas, cramping and diaherra, the user MUST restrict their fat intake of no more than 15 grams per meal.

If the consumer makes the mistake of over doing fat intake on any given meal, look out! Painful cramps and diaherra can come on suddenly and worse, uncontrollably! It is even reported that during the clinical trials of Xenical, participants were given adult diapers, just in case.

But, more importantly there are certain fats that your body needs like the Omegas, also known as Essential Fats! These are types of fats that actually help you lose weight and help keep vital organs and body functions healthy. They can also help with certain imflamations of the body. Therefor, just because you need to lose weight doesn't mean that all fats are bad. But, because the Alli pill blocks fat absorption, it also blocks the Essential Fats that your body needs.

Additionally, Alli also blocks another essential nutrient and that is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential mineral for bone and tooth health. Also the right balance of Vitiamin D can actually slow down the reproduction of certain cancer cells. Reportedly, there were animal studies related to Xencial that showed pre-cancerous leisons in the colons of animals.

The Alli Weight Loss pill is obviously not for everyone! Really, does anyone want to subject themselves to any of these side effects? Think about it, what if you are eating at a restaurant and you accidentally over do it on fact intake? Several hours later, you could find yourself in a much more embarrassing situation!

Look, The REAL truth about weight loss is something that Dr.'s, Big Pharmecutical Companies and the Diet Industry don't want you to know! To lose weight, you do NOT have to take Harmful Pills or Powders. You do NOT have to spend a fortune on Diet Supplements like the Alli Weight Loss Pill. And, you do NOT have to Diet! Let me say that again, You Do NOT have to Diet!

Face it, if everyone knew the real TRUTH about weight loss, there would be no more customers to buy these dangerous drugs and chemically laden pre-packaged meals! Pharmecuetical companies and the diet industry want to keep you fat! If they keep you fat, you'll buy more of their products! Period!

The good news is, the TRUTH about weight loss is available to everyone! And, you REALLY can lose weight without spending a fortune and without taking dangerous drugs or eating Prepared Diet Foods that are actually making you Fatter!

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