Healthy Weight Loss - Can You Do It?

Healthy weight loss is a term that has been used much too loosely. There is the infamous notion nowadays that keeping your weight down is all that there is in healthy weight loss. That so long as the weight is down; people are automatically deemed to be in the pink of health. As a matter of fact, the trend nowadays is to be stick thin, and having a thoroughly lean figure. While there is nothing wrong with this, being thin should not be made an alternative to being healthy. There are people who think that avoiding certain food groups are the key to weight loss. Most people even believe that deprivation is fine.

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The other extreme of deprivation, which is binge eating is also very much discouraged in weight loss. Having too much of something is always bad, and ingesting too much junk in our bodily system can wreak havoc in our bodies. Too much fat can be detrimental to the heart and liver, eventually causing heart problems and liver disease. Eating too much sugar will eventually tire out our pancreas and cause diabetes and it's damaging complications. And then sodium loading will result in kidney problems and will also cause our bodies to store too much water, thus the bloated, always-full after feeling.

Weight loss is the answer for optimum health, but it should be done in the proper manner. A regular exercise should be made a conscious tool in keeping the ideal weight. Moreover, eating and drinking the right foods and fluids respectively will allow our bodies to experience natural healing and keep our body organs from getting too overworked. A balanced diet of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber is definitely a wiser option than eating too many carbohydrates like rice and pasta, or filling up on mere vegetables, which actually don't do much in energy replenishment, or building lean muscle.

Deprivation is not an effective tool for weight loss []. The problem with deprivation is that it actually deprives your body of the essential nutrients of certain food groups. If you rule out healthy carbohydrates, you may lack the necessary energy in the performance of daily activities. If you persist on a high-protein diet all the time, you may actually feel heavier because of increased muscle development. Not only is this practice costly, it is also effort consuming.

As with everything else, balance still serves as the key. Portion control is a diet practice that needs to be mastered. Eating a protein rich diet, coupled with healthy carbohydrates, lots of fiber, and doing regular bodily exercises will surely bring noteworthy weight loss. Also a high fat diet needs to be minimized, if not totally avoided. A daily diet that is low in fat, low in calories and high in essential nutrients will not only give you your desired weight, but also keep your body in general health. And that's how you can achieve healthy weight loss the right way.

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