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Most dieters will experience highs and lows in the results of their weight loss efforts. Figuring out how to max out your weight loss can be complex. Many put in some hard work the first week, eating well and doing their exercise routine. As a result, they do lose the weight, sometimes significant weight loss approaching ten pounds. Of course this is very exciting to the overweight person who then starts visualizing how they will look next week, next month and calculating the total weight loss based on the weight they managed to lose that first week!

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The problem with all of that positive thinking is a lot of the weight loss in the first week will be excess water weight.

So the following few weeks the dieter will work harder on the diet, and maybe exercise even more looking forward to looking great sooner than they thought. Then they weight themselves. They only lost two or three pounds in the week. How did that happen? And after all that effort. This can be very discouraging, and possibly lead the dieter to give up, or the more determined dieter will work that much harder and see significant weight loss again.

The determined dieter who takes in very few calories will also hit the brick wall - no weight loss. Why?
Because they cut the calories so much their bodies went into starvation mode and started holding on to whatever nourishment they were taking in with a vengeance. Their metabolism has turned on them.

Losing weight is not a simple matter. It is finding a balance between diet and exercise, without kicking your metabolism into low gear. Losing a lot of weight in a short period of time is not usually sustainable. Finding a balance of eating healthy foods and the right amount of exercise is the key weight loss over the long haul.

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