How To Plan For Weight Loss

For many people that fail to loose weight, it all started with a spur of the moment. They tried on that one pair of jeans and it didn't fit anymore, someone made a nasty comment, or their birthday is coming up soon. Whatever was the inspiration, it won't last very long unless there is a precise plan mapped out, ready to be followed. Anybody can do a day of dieting and working out, but going even a week needs at least some planning. Without planning people are way more ready to throw in the towel and quit on their weight loss idea before any changes have taken place.

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The best time to start planning for weight loss is about a week before you start on a new diet and exercise routine. This is not so you can spoil yourself one more time before your life of restrictions is going to start, but to eliminate all the bad foods in the house that you won't want around when trying to eat healthy and to make sure you have all you need to exercise ready to go. It is also important to have a week to plan out in detail how your weight loss program is going to work, or to read through the material of a weight loss program you have purchased and get all the foods you will need for it.

As you make all your plans include a trip to the store to pick up a nice looking journal. Pick one that you really like and that you want to carry around with you for quite a while. An ugly thing is not a good idea here. Also, it helps if it is in form of a ring binder, since it is easier to leave it open on the day you are at. Also get a nice pen if you care. The journal is to first of all write all your plans into, you goals, other things that motivate you, glue in pictures of you,measurements and your weight. Keep your important information you need in it. When it gets really full, little sticky notes are helpful to mark important pages. Otherwise, really have fun with this and be as creative as you like.

First thing you want to think about and also write into your journal about is the amount of weight you are planning on losing. Be very exact and detailed. Some people might set their goal at ten percent of their body weight, since that brings huge medical benefits to overweight people. Others might know exactly how much their dream weight is. If you have a lot of weight to lose you might set an in-between goal for the end of the year or at your birthday or another important date. Again, if you have a lot of weight to lose you should find smaller goals that end up to the total goal weight you are having. Write it in your journal.

Next write down the exact time you want to lose your weight by in case you haven't done so yet. A good way to keep this realistic is to think a pound a week is an easy goal. If you want to challenge yourself more you might do two pounds a week. Guys might even do three pounds a week, but don't go beyond that for a long period of time. Now think how many pounds you have to lose to reach your goal weight and take that number as the number of weeks you give yourself to do so. Or go faster and give yourself only half the number of weeks, your choice. Also make sure you have breaks planned in if your want them. Weight maintenance times can be very beneficial to your body.

Next thing to plan are shopping days. If you want to be able to consistently stick to an eating program you need to ensure you have all the groceries you will need throughout the days. If you are going to be eating a lot of fresh produce like vegetables and fruits you might consider going to an organic store or a farmers market twice a week. Those foods actually do perish and they taste better real fresh. Also, those stores get in new produce all the time and you will have best chances to get the good stuff going twice a week. As for other foods, make a good grocery list and go once a week.

Just as important as planning your diet you need to plan your exercise routine. First think through all the options you have which might include a gym membership, gym equipment at home or the apartment complex, running shoes and nice hiking areas close by, a bike, roller blades and so on. It helps to make a list of your options that you can go back to when you want to switch up your routine. Make sure you have all the clothing you need for working out including shoes, pants, shirts and also gloves and more special extras. Have a couple weeks of exercise planned out that you know you are in this for the long run.

Finally, you need to keep on planning throughout your weight loss. I would recommend to set one day a week and dedicate some time that day to your weight loss plans. First review your previous week and go over all the improvements you have made. Then set new goals for the next week and review your diet and workout routine one more time to see that everything is ready to go for the next week. Also, read up on some new ideas during that time that your weight loss does not get boring and your end it because of that reason. Look over your final goals one more time and always keep the end results in mind.

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