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There are untold numbers of men and women who constantly strive to
achieve their weight loss goals. They are both successful and unsuccessful
in their attempts. Successful in the sense that they manage to lose some
weight, and sometimes, manage to achieve their target weight. The
problem lies with the fact that most people gain most, if not all, of that
weight back in the following months.

Let me tell you a simple truth. It does not have to be that way. On the
contrary, it is possible to lose weight effortlessly and to keep it off forever.
So, you may ask, what is the secret?

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There is no secret. The truth is that dieting simply does not work. Not in
the long term. Your goal is to achieve your target weight easily and safely.
Just as important you want to keep from gaining the weight back without
any effort on your part.

Let us face the facts. Fad diets that advertise fast weight loss results are
flawed in their approach. It is unrealistic to expect that these diets will have
any long term success.

There are three primary factors that determine a successful weight loss program.
If you can understand this and incorporate this into your daily life their is no
doubt that you will achieve the results that you desire.

Weight loss and maintaining that loss do not have to be a life long struggle.
Consider the following three factors and how you can incorporate them into your

1/ You have to set your goals. This is absolutely the most important step. Your
desire to succeed must be paramount. Also, this is everyone's biggest mistake.
Believe it or not, setting your target weight is not your primary goal. The single,
biggest, most important goal that you can establish is to transform your lifestyle.

I do not mean to be cruel here, but gaining weight and becoming fat does not
happen in a vacuum. There are serious consequences to consuming foods on a
daily basis that are outside the spectrum of good, healthy nutrition.

Do you eat to live or do you live to eat? If your answer is the latter you will encounter
some serious difficulties when attempting to lose weight and keep it off.

The single most important factor in your weight loss program involves a radical lifestyle
shift. This should be your primary goal.

To clarify what this means: You should eat mostly all natural foods. This includes grains,
vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and fruit. These are the foods that we are designed
to eat naturally.

2/ Now that you have established your goal, do it. Clean out and restock your shelves.
Stop eating at fast food places. Stop eating processed and enriched foods.

I know, I know, I know. This just is not practical. Stop reading now, right here, and go
find a website or an article that reinforces either what you believe or what you want to

Unfortunately, the truth is the truth. Life is similar to a board game. This game has rules.
We have as much freedom to do whatever we please as long as we comprehend and play
by the rules.

We are designed to consume whole, natural foods. Once you are able to wrap your mind
around this, the easier this will be.

What is interesting here is that once you alter your lifestyle, the weight will come off
effortlessly. Some interesting by products of this effort include improved health, increased
energy and clarity of mind.

3/ Just as we are designed to eat natural foods, we also are made to be active. It is
extremely difficult to lose weight and to be healthy when sitting around on our butts
all day.

If you are one of those that lead a sedentary lifestyle it will be necessary to incorporate
some sort of exercise regimen into your daily routine. Exercising on a regular basis gets
the improves our circulation, breaks up stagnation, increases our energy and peace of mind
and helps us to lose weight.

That's it. Think about what I have said. Cruise the internet and see what others are
saying. But I will tell you this. I believe that the truth of what I have said is self evident.
If you get it, take action.

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