Did You Really Think About Weight Loss?

Fast weight loss is achievable, but so is long-term weight loss.

Im think that is nothing worse than losing 3-5 pounds, and gain it back within few weeks. Now, question is, how you can lose some weight and STICK WITH IT for the long-term? Now, what is your most challenge? You must have a right mental attitude, beliefs and motivation! If you reach this, you can lose some weight. How? Here's 4 steps you can use to set the foundation for fat weight loss:

-Understand pain versus pleasure

Our opinion of how painful or how pleasurable is something, has a major impact on our commitment and actions! Most wishes in our life is fall down because we are trying to avoid pain or achieve pleasure! your chance of achieving fast weight loss is much greater
if you can focus on the pain of NOT losing weight. But why if you dont succeed? What will your friends, family and other people think if you fail in that mission - how to lose weight fast? But WHY you must lose 2 pounds per week? Try to lose 2 pounds per month! Build your own pain pleasure scale to help you stay motivated!

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-Find some friend - buddy or two

You can find some person with experience to help you along the way is so important to your eventual success. Maybe you have some neighborhood or you can find some weight loss support group, online weight loss board, weight loss books or health and fitness coaches.

-Weight gain triggers

Fast weight loss goals will be helped along by understanding the reality and emotional triggers of what causes weight gain. Example: weight gain is a natural, standard experience of hitting middle age. I will suggest to keep a log o your feelings and what your eat for 1-2-3 weeks prior to dieting. You can call it your weight loss journal! Every time when your eat something make a log and write down your thoughts!

-Get busy and relaxed

A key part of your weight loss program must be exercise and relaxation! Stay positive, feel good achieve progress! Big part of that is your emotional and chemical body state! When you exercising, you realase pleasurable endomorphism into your brain, and in your sense pleasure of exercise become addictive! Meditation will take a little longer to show results, but you really can control the negative factors in your life!

What you want to reach? Fast weight loss! Just follow these steps and enjoy your newfound power and freedom to look better!

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