Paradigms and Weight Loss

Not every weight loss system is for everyone. I know that for many years I have tried different systems, some worked well some didn't. Many Life Coaches that deal specifically in weight loss know what the frustrations are with their clients. The constant yoyo dieting that just doesn't seem to get to the root of the problem. Of course the problem is in the way you think.

You have so many different Guru's chiming in on the weight loss crave. If you truly want to know why you have gained weight or can't seem to lose it, you only have one thing to do. Stop and really think, when was I last thin, what has happened since then? I don't know about you, but when I lived in New York City, there was some of the Jack LaLanne Spas and such. The weight loss crave hadn't hit during those days.

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If you look to see what the differences are you will certainly pick up quite a few things. In my experience, my activity during those days was very high. Though being a supervisor in a government office, I moved around a whole lot. I rarely sat at my desk. When I went out to lunch, I had to walk, when going home I rode the subway and was standing up. I walked from the subway to my apartment.

When the weekends hit, I would walk to friend's apartments that were 10 to 15 blocks away. It was no big deal to me. I was use to walking since I didn't have a car and rarely every needed a car. Whenever I went to a store or on any errand whether during the week or weekend, I would walk. Are the getting the picture yet? Health food wasn't in my awareness either and I ate anything that I liked. When you think about it you realize that you did do a lot of walking and standing. When I finally got to bed in the evenings I was tired. It is obvious that with a lot of movement I burned a lot of calories. I never say home, I went out to the clubs and I did dance a bit.

The information age has taken a toll on our bodies. We have been use to moving around a lot and now we are almost idle.

The need to walk around has definitely subsided, being older having your own car and allows you to be lazy. I know that not all of us live in a major metropolitan area, where things are right across the street. Urban sprawl has created elongated commuter time, which leaves us sitting in our cars longer, especially when we sit in traffic.

Let's face it we have almost crawled to a stop. We sit in front of computers, we don't move, we get fat and then we try to figure out why we can't lose weight. The answer is obvious; we as a society have stopped our physical movement. A funny story about this, I was living in an apartment that faced a shopping center. I decided to go to the store to pick up some groceries for the week. I ran into my neighbors, as they were getting into the car to drive across the street. Yes they drove from the apartment to the store and back. Now how lazy is that?

This is not the only challenge not by any stretch of the imagination. I remember as a child and also as a young adult there were foods I would never eat. I wouldn't eat them, usually because I didn't like how they tasted. That wasn't the only reason; it usually was that it didn't power me up. I must have instinctively stayed away from foods that didn't serve me.

When I came to California, I use to walk everywhere because I didn't have a car. That didn't last for very long but I was able to stay very thin without working out. Then as time passed on and I became more sedentary I started to put on weight. Well it wasn't hard to get rid of it, just started to do exercise at home 15 or 20 minutes everyday. Sure enough, the weight came off. When I started to gain weight again I joined a gym and sure enough the weight came off. Okay what does that tell you? Activity gets the weight off.

Now, there was something that I did, I started to eat "healthy." You know what I mean vegetables, lean meats low carbohydrates and taking vitamins etc. Well what happened I started to gain weight. I started to work out more like an amateur bodybuilder and I started to lose weight. Wait a minute, working out like an amateur bodybuilder? Yes that is right, working harder than I ever did before, taking in all sorts of rocket science, cutting edge nutrients to boot. I even educated myself on nutrition and fitness.

Now to backup a bit, I use to sell Herbal Life Products. I did that for a year, but when I stop that business and went on to the next, I stopped using the products and lost 15 pounds without doing anything different. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

The only reason I am telling you all of this is for you to start looking at what you are doing. Realize there had to have been a change in patterns of behavior. Now before coming to California I never thought much about diet, nutrition, heck the last time I worked out was in high school. Of course when I lived in New York I only ate when I was really hungry.

Now think about this, in New York I never met people to go out to eat. That was actually rare. Usually when we got together there might have been some treats, we may have gone out on a few occasions, but being college students or just starting out in our work careers, eating out was the exception not the rule. Could this be a clue?

Let us take this a bit further, I don't recall in the 70s (I am dating myself a bit) that there was much talk about fitness. There were the vegetarian diets just getting a foothold, but nothing really unusual. It was during the 80s and 90s in which the diet revolution was really stirring. The different types of equipment, diet fads, surge of the importance of being in shape became the talk of the day. How did America respond? They got fatter instead! I wonder why?

As you well know the media and the diet companies have not stopped this blitz of messages regarding weight loss methods, diets, pills etc. I know that I am sick and tired of hearing it. If you took all the media messages regarding all these weight loss plans and allied products out of the spotlight for a week, everyone in America would probably lose about 5 pounds! The reason is very simple and the media is keeping you conscious of your weight. You start to become fearful and anxious about it, lo and behold you are overweight. Is anything ringing true yet?

The cycle of gaining weight and losing weight just to gain it back again is not your fault. The media is driving your fear of weight gain, so what happens when you focus on something that you fear? You get more of it! Then you become conscious and fearful, get frustrated, even depressed so that the cycle adapts in a different manner. You eat because you are fearful and you are fearful because you eat. That is what is driving this pattern of behavior. Stop for a moment and think about what I am saying.

I know there is talk about metabolism and maybe your thyroid or some other such something. But how can there be some much of that some such something. Something drives this behavior and I know I didn't start it. This is where the paradigms enter. This is what you have to discover for yourself. What is it that is making you overweight? You have to really think don't you? Is it your food? Well cutting back for a week and then weighing yourself should tell you the story, shouldn't it? Is it no activity? Then you should go and work out and after a week see if there is any difference. Is it both? Well try one, then the other, get on the scale and that should provide a clue.

Another problem is impatience, we as American want it now, and don't want to wait. That is why the liposuction is so popular, it's quick and easy. Of course there are the other intrusive surgeries as well, a bit more risky but people will go to any length to resolve the problem. Have you noticed the amount of plastic and cosmetic surgery commercials are playing on the boob tube? By the way parents take note I would not allow my child to be exposed to this promotion, since it may harm their own self esteem. I bet you Dr. Phil would never say that!

These are the paradigms in weight loss. It is the media driving the standards and expectations, which drive the fear factor. Then new behavior about eating, diet fads and list go on continues to drive the cycle. The media has been embedding beliefs by the tons.

In all of this, there is no discharge of personal responsibility. You are responsible for you and what you do to your body. All I am saying here is to really think. The paradigms are different for everyone. We do have "Biochemical Individuality" and what works with one person may not work with another, this is proven time and time again.

Evaluating your situation and taking other factors into consideration, one can start to unravel the maze of behaviors that are attached to weight loss. A good Life Coach can help you with the paradigms and mindset. As I believe that is really the best start to achieve your weight loss goals.

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