Weight Loss Products - Are They A Con?

When it comes to weight loss products, the choice can be bewildering.
Should you choose from a range of well known products like Weight Watchers where the weight "points" have
been calculated for you? Or would you be better off using a weight loss pill that promises you'll lose
those pounds with no effort on your part?

Weight loss products that are designed to take the work out of working out what's safe to eat are
generally a fairly safe choice. Providing they aren't designed to just starve the weight off you - check
that the amount of calories you'll be consuming are in the recommended daily range and check with your
doctor if the amount of calories seems unusually low.
Offers that you get through the post are often more suspect. Sure, the claims are great. But is it really
possible to eat a handful of pills before each meal and drop those pounds?
The general rule is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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The "secret ingredients", gathered high on some distant hillside, sound enticing. But check the claims on
the internet before you take out your credit card in the hope that they'll work for you.

Watch out for weight loss products and programs that are simply diuretics. All they'll do is give you a
temporary weight loss with the water they cause you to lose. But as soon as the effect has worn off,
you'll put the pounds back on again. Your body is mainly water and it will replace any water it loses the
next time you have a drink.

Some pills work as appetite suppressants. Check out the government sites to see whether they've been
tested to back up their claims. If they haven't, keep your wallet safely locked up!
Be careful with weight loss products on the supermarket shelf as well. Take the time to read the label to see whether the "low fat" claim isn't there because the product is full of sugar instead. For instance, Turkish Delight is low fat but it's hardly a weight loss product as it's nearly 100% sugar.

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